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Gerald SVery satisfied

I wanted to create a new non-profit company for online education. Swyft Filings worked well for me. Overall, the online process was clear. However, I did have a company consultant on the phone while I walked through the steps to create a non-profit company in Florida. She was extremely helpful. A very positive experience.

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Joshua RMade the whole thing very easy

I'd accidentally screwed up some of the paperwork needed to file for a nonprofit. After 1 minute on hold, I was assisted by a gentleman who was able to walk me through the whole process and made the whole thing very easy.

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Arnold EAs good as good service gets!

As a former telephone rep and call center manager, I know good customer support and service when I encounter it. This is good customer service!

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ThomasQuick and easy

It was quick and easy. I had a fast turnaround time. They worked with me to get my documents filed and done in a timely manner, and I appreciate it so much! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone I know who wants to start a business.

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Kortni SSwyft Filings has the best staff

Swyft Filings has the best staff. They are friendly and create a warm environment for you to feel free to ask any questions. I leave every call feeling more confident than I did before.

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Johnny DPrompt and immediate

The application process and completing my LLC were both prompt and immediate. I got my LLC in less than 2 weeks. Thank you very much.

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